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Curl Positivity

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Learn to Embrace and fall in love with your uniqueness

A world of inclusion, self acceptance and self image. Sounds familiar, right? Like many of you may have have experienced, in the past curly hair was not the ideal. The overall majority of hair cuts were all current fashion focused seeing lines, shapes, angles. A language curly hair never did or will understand. To a natural curly, their hair is their mane glory, that's if you've got it right you'll appreciate a whole new level of self acceptance. If you're still struggling like so many, this may be a different story. Embrace your uniqueness and learn to truly fall in love with it.

A space to be yourself

As a life coach and curl specialist, I know and value the importance of self acceptance and self image. Sitting in my chair is more than a tailored curl haircut, it's also about sharing ideas and making goals. A space for empowerment and positivity. Uncovering, unlocking and realeasing your curl potential. Something to shine and be proud of. You, your curls, your life: soft, round, free forming and expressive.

#Selfacceptance #TheCurlArtist #Beyourself #Curlbreakthrough

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