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How Appointments Work

CURL ART This is always the full appointment. A two-part appointment that includes a Curl Sculpting cut followed by a curl coaching session, showing you the techniques to achieve great curls every day. This appointment takes an hour and a half. The appointment is suitable to hair that is of chin length or below. Additional time may be required depending on the length and volume of your hair. We analyse your scalp and hair, discuss your curl goals, wash, style and refine.


CURL SCULPTING Your hair is cut according to your curls natural movement and texture and must be prepared accordingly to achieve the best results. The hair is cut dry. No washing or styling is involved. This is an express appointment of forty-five minutes to reshape and remove weight and a little length. Available to all and to those having a colour service. please choose this first, then schedule your colour.

CURL PAINTING A fully customised colour service. Curl painting techniques that translate perfectly to your curl movement, pattern, enhancing the overall appearance of your curls. We use Natulique to create formulas that are ultra gentle and medically graded colour that protects and nurtures the integrity of your curl.

With each colour service emphasis is on the condition of your hair. Your service includes an Olaplex or deep nourishing treatment and is finished with a dry off after every service.



Fellow Curtista, firstly, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you. Reaching out to people with curls, to assist you with an understanding and show you how to achieve top curl potential is my why and my reason.


With each new client we set up a framework of appointments for continuity to ensure your hair receive maximum care, so this means usually around three appointments per year. Consideration and planning goes into this and we will only take a new client on when we can fully commit to the process. 

This is  a collaboration. You, me, you curls.  You will be guided with a curated plan consisting of the practical and the know how. Being shown exactly how to care for your hair at home in between salon visits so when you return we fine tune your curl plan. 

You are already dedicated and this is where you can give yourself full permission to drop any confusing jargon and under performing methods. 

More than a hair appointment, we like to think of it as a lifestyle plan - taking into account the level of time available to you to care for your hair and the look you wish to achieve. All my knowledge yours, naturally.  Its a collaboration. 

Currently we've closed off our waitlist and will announce the timeframe when we can re open at a later stage. In the meantime keep an eye on our social channels for last minute cancellations, that are open to all, where we offer one to one Power Up Your Curl consultations to give you a head start. 


As an established guest you get the cut or new shape, the framework, the know how and the curated guide on how to care for your curls. We meet as often as you need throughout the year, usually three to four times. We plan our schedule quarterly. And, commit to only taking on a set amount of clients per year to ensure availability and uphold quality.  

Once we have tailored your easy to follow home care guide you will see your curls emerging and see potentials reached. Our collaborative efforts result in progress. It is part science, part creativity, part dedication. Curls require time, and lots of water, but this is your guide, suited only to your hair. Continuous advancements in between salon visits. Hello new curls. 

Once established you are welcome to attend a Curl Sculpt dry cut as a follow up. You choose. Curls are a work of art, they are also an organic progression.

Your hair will be totally different a year from now, so we keep tailoring your plan and mapping your progress to the organic changes., naturally. 

It is always best to schedule your follow up prior to leaving the salon, or send us a message with as much advance notice if you have an intended date in mind. We book out quarterly. 

If for whatever reason your appointment needs to be changed, of course we can do that and guarantee to have you re booked in no later than six weeks from your intended date.



Free hand, curl painting, global toning. We love it all.

Enhance the intensity and tone to the contour of your curl and texture is what we're pros at, with a few awards tucked under our belts. 

An understanding of the flow and how colour will translate to your curls., coupled with organic colouring that is is both gentle, and suitable for the most sensitives.


Your health and safety is paramount, and to ensure this with compatibility of our chosen brand, Natulique,  we carry out a skin test prior your first appointment. We tailor a colour plan to discuss exactly what we aim to do and how to achieve your expectations, hands on and in detail prior to establishing your booking. If six months passes we'll do another.

Skin test and full details recorded must be carried out with us in salon.  

POWER UP YOUR CURLS During this interactive workshop you gain knowledge about your curls and a personalised plan with practical hands on styling with easy to follow steps on how to care for your curls.

The session takes 45 minutes where we delve into building a prescriptive routine for YOUR curls, educating you on how to care, wash, style and dry with the correct tools and products. To make the most of our time together we ask that you arrive with freshly washed and dry hair, without any product. We spritz your hair down and guide you through each step, setting you up with a plan for daily and monthly curl care.  

It is a little science fused with creativity. Advice from an experienced and qualified professional. 

This is your time to drop the confusion and together we tailor a curl care plan that will see your curls recover and transform with ease and the best part is you get to see the results in no time at all.

Colour services do not include a curl coaching session as various ingredients are used. We recommend a curl coaching session as a standalone service.

Our waitlist is now closed. 

We are not taking on any new clients at present.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your curls are an organic expression of you, fun, unique and fully expressive in every way. 

To prolong the smoothness, definition and quality of your curls we have created a range of accessories. Within the Pom Pom Curl Atelier collection, you will find sleep wear, leisurewear and accessories that are tailored and adapted to suit all hair types but with created with curly hair in mind. 

Wear your best curls and create beautiful results to continuously build upon for your future curly life. 

With emphasis and full consideration of the natural fibre of curls, we select premium curl care brands that are derived from nature to protect and enhance the integrity of your hair,scalp, our planet and all of us sharing it. 


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