Suite 2,

29-30 Dame St.,

Dublin 2

Bell #4

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Curls are an organic expression 

We are a Curl Conscious salon, partnering with brands of integrity to bring you the best in Curl Care.

 Only using approved botanical curl hair care and organic hair colour to support you in achieving your best curl potential.

Release your best curl potential with our Curl Art cutting, the integrity and pattern considered with your specific curl type in mind and the integrity and pattern considered specifically with your curls considered.       


Your curls are our canvas


At The Curl Artist, we work with your unique pattern and texture. We bring you the best in Organic Curl Care to support your curl journey.

Art and Curl Painting techniques created with customised Organic Colourants and Organic Curl Care

Powerful antioxidants and rich botanical infusions are created in salon to treat, restore and remedy your scalp health and curl care are our priorities.


My first curly cut was an educational experience I'll never forget, not only do you get a lesson in how to manage and style for my hair type.

I had the most incredible experience getting my naturally curly hair cut by Cathy last year and it's been in great shape ever since! She truly is a curl expert and artist

After years of heat and colour damage Cathy has guided me through transition to managing my curls beautifully in between washes. Well wort the effort! 





We're all about curls


We bring you the best in Curl Art, Curl Painting techniques and Organic Curl Care with style coaching to see you achieve your best curl potential. 

Your scalp health and curl care are our priority.

Natulique is our chosen Organic hair coloring brand. Providing full coverage with as many certified organic ingredients, with fewer chemicals and better functionality.


We're about giving you the confidence to really rock the best version of your true curl. 


Be a part of a curl culture that embraces your naturally defined, soft curls. 




The Curl Artist Studio

You will find us at 23- 30 Dame Street, Dublin 2,

just beside The Merchantile Hotel.   


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