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Great results require a number of steps when preparing you hair for your appointment.

We identify the true nature, shape, wave, pattern and expression of your curl. Once assessed we cut a shape that will bring the curl and shape to life. 

The one way of getting an accurate reading of your unique curls is to assess your hair in its clean, dry and products  free natural state.

Please see the following guide:


Cleanse + style

Cleanse your hair twice with a sulfate free cleanser before finger raking  through a generous amount of conditioner.

Fine/ wavy hair: Please ensure your hair is free from build up. Please visit out shop if you require a detox or deep cleanser in advance. 


Squeeze conditioner into your hair and begin to dilute with water.


It is perfectly fine to leave a little amount of conditioner in your hair for styling 

or add some conditioner sparingly after rinsing but please do not use any other products.

We finger comb the hair in its dry state so for comfort please do not keep only a trace of conditioner in the hair and no other styling products. 

Thick curly/ coily/ fractal hair: thoroughly detangle and ensure hair is completely dry a minimum of six hours prior to attending you appointment. 

If your hair requires additional time for styling or drying please ensure you that you add additional services to you booking. This will ensure that we both have the ample time required to carry out the appointment to its full extent so your hair reaches its full potential.


Please allow sufficient time for your hair to dry.

Either diffuse or naturally dry. Do please prepare in advance so that your hair is fully dry. It really makes a world of difference!

This allows your curls time to re-set and to rest in their natural state.  Diffusing is fine, as is naturally drying but please ensure that arrive to your appointment with fully dried hair.


We recommend that hair is absolutely dry a minimum of three to six hours hours prior to your scheduled time. 

This can also be done the night before. 


If your hair is still damp we may not be able to carry out your appointment however a full charge will be applied. 


Once dry, wear your hair loose, tangle-free and not tied or clipped up in any way as this may result in a stretched out the curl pattern.

I treat your curls as I do my own and I will not carry out the appointment if the curl pattern is stretched out. When the hair is washed and reset after a cut on stretched out hair this may result in your curls springing up unexpectedly in places resulting in an uneven overall shape.

Where appointment can not go ahead as panned a full charge will apply if hair is not prepared correctly. 

Please allow a little additional time as curly hair can be unpredictable. So sit back, relax and enjoy your experience. 

Your curls are an organic expression of you, fun, unique and fully expressive in every way. 

To prolong the smoothness, definition and quality of your curls we have created a range of accessories. Within the Pom Pom Curl Atelier collection, you will find sleep wear, leisurewear and accessories that are tailored and adapted to suit all hair types but with created with curly hair in mind. 

Wear your best curls and create beautiful results to continuously build upon for your future curly life. 

With emphasis and full consideration of the natural fibre of curls, we select premium curl care brands that are derived from nature to protect and enhance the integrity of your hair,scalp, our planet and all of us sharing it. 


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