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...before you attend your appointment 

Hair Cut Preparation 


Your hair is cut following your natural curl pattern, in its natural state and on dry hair.


This service is best suited for medium to long hair. 


If you intend having a style change please bring images to support the look you wish to achieve.


The styling process enhances the natural curl to spring up and the hair may appear shorter than it actually is. 



If you already use curl friendly products

- cleanse and condition 

- style using conditioner sparingly, no other products

- dry your hair as normal 

- hair should be completely dry a minimum of six hours

- tangle-free and not tied up in any way once dry


If you are using non-water soluble products such as shampoo, mousses, oils and silicones chances are that your hair may be congested with a build-up of toxins including parabens, silicones and sulfates. 

See the de-tox guide below 


When preparing for your haircut please have your hair freshly washed and dry a minimum of six hours in advance of your appointment.


Please arrive with clean, fresh, tangle-free hair. After it has been washed, it is important that you do not tie your hair up in any way as this may disturb the curl pattern, resulting in your haircut being off-balance or uneven. 


I work with your hair in its natural and organic curl pattern and texture. Please bear in mind that it may take time to achieve perfect curl health. 


Your curls will receive optimum care and you will leave with a curl care routine. Due to the diverse nature of curly hair, it is important to follow these guides to achieve the best possible results long term.


Curl Detox Guide 

Many products on the market today contain ingredients that upset the curl pattern, causing frizziness. These include silicones, parabens, sulfates etc. and they are found in a host of styling products such as mousses, waxes, gels, shampoos. 


Your hair is cut by each individual curl,  according to its own pattern. As the ingredients upset the curl pattern it is important that your hair is deeply cleansed to remove as much of these as possible.



First cleanse: Start by cleansing your hair with a chelating or clarifying shampoo and follow with a heavy conditioner or treatment.

The shampoo removes residue and leaves the hair and scalp super clean so follow with a treatment to restore the hair. 



Use plenty of conditioner as a styling product and dry hair.


Second cleanse: Use warm water only and conditioner. Repeat and leave-in conditioner as a styling product.