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Embrace your most authentic blonde yet: our Cool Glow Cleanser is a vegan shampoo treatment that creates a clean canvas – free from undesired, warm undertones.⁠

Key ingredient: we’ve carefully selected Violet Sweet Potato for its soothing and conditioning agents. Our Cool Glow Cleanser cleanses and nourishes hair while reinvigorating cool tones with low sensitising purple pigments.⁠

Cool Glow Cleanser


    Your curls are an organic expression of you, fun, unique and fully expressive in every way. 

    To prolong the smoothness, definition and quality of your curls we have created a range of accessories. Within the Pom Pom Curl Atelier collection, you will find sleep wear, leisurewear and accessories that are tailored and adapted to suit all hair types but with created with curly hair in mind. 

    Wear your best curls and create beautiful results to continuously build upon for your future curly life. 

    With emphasis and full consideration of the natural fibre of curls, we select premium curl care brands that are derived from nature to protect and enhance the integrity of your hair,scalp, our planet and all of us sharing it. 


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