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Scalp and Curl Spa

Years of buildup and putting a spotlight on your curl and scalp health this menu is set to deliver the ultimate in scalp health. Carefully derviced botanical ingredients , all curl compatible to cleans, boost, heal and restore your curls and scalp for ultimate health 

Clean Canvas

Additional net cost €7.20 + 45 mins

To gentle remove layers of product buildup.

This treatment is ultra-gentle on the scalp while providing all the benefits of a clarifying shampoo, not stipping any natural oils. 


Additional net cost €10.50 + 55 mins

Curl, Prime, Reset.

The ultimate curl spa experience for your scalp and hair. 

Ideal for stressed, itchy and irritated scalp and lack luster and spring of your curls. 

This treatment gently removes product build-up and restores the pH balance of both scalp and hair. 

Superior to a clarify but so gentle that it does not strip the natural oils.  

Curl Composition 

Additional net cost €10.20 + 55 mins

Gentle detox to deeply cleanse the curl with the added curl boost to enhance your curl. 

Cleanse and Energise

Additional net cost €5 + 20 mins

Gentle exfoliation to energise your scalp. Followed with a restoring protein mask or curl boosting treatment.  

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