Curl Painting™ is a unique approach to colouring curls.  Organic blends and customised colour mixes with a gentle approach that is suited to your curl pattern, hair type which is both nourished and protects the integrity of your hair.


We understand curls, how they fall and move to create structure and shape so colour is placed strategically, with your specific waves, curl and pattern in mind.  

Techniques created, known as Curl Painting™ are applied with the use of organic colour blends that are kind to your curls and scalp.

Curl Painting™ enhances, contours and gently lightens or tones your hair to enrich and complement your look.

Skin testing is required a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any colour service. 

We aim to combine both cut and colour appointments together where at all possible. 

Pre-booking is essential for a customised colour consultation and appointment.